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Six Sigma Consulting

ZEUS professionals have the expertise and experience in using the power of Six Sigma to solve quality problems and to deliver a complete and powerful business model for sustainable process excellence. ZEUS provides clients with a unique solution through Lean Six Sigma to help them improve their processes, eliminate waste and better serve their customers and thereby increase their profitability and return on investment (ROI). Customers define quality for every organization. This definition almost always includes some combination of product or service defects, cost and speed of delivery. These factors are not mutually exclusive. Delivering the right product late fails to meet the definition of quality just as much as delivering the wrong product on time. Our goal is to implement the processes that help you consistently meet and exceed your customer’s definition of quality across all factors. Lean Six Sigma has emerged as a powerful tool in helping organizations meet the quality objectives defined by their customers. Lean Six Sigma combines the proven success of Lean with the best practices of Six Sigma. The result is a methodology that helps organizations improve processes to eliminate product or service defects and to improve process flow and speed.

Leading manufacturing and service companies as well as progressive governments and organizations rely on ZEUS for their Lean Six Sigma initiatives. We are a recognized leader in providing collaborative process-centric solutions for Lean Six Sigma practitioners. Our solutions help organizations improve their bottom line by satisfying customer demand for quality while providing a managed environment for developing and sharing process knowledge.

Organizations use ZEUS to help them visualize and model processes and plan changes prior to making potentially costly, inaccurate modifications. Our tools will enable companies to document, manage and share critical information such as Value Stream Maps to maintain a history of current state and future state maps. As a Lean Six Sigma professional, ZEUS empowers you to:

  • Leverage the power of Lean techniques and the Six Sigma methodology in a single, integrated solution
  • Improve communication and awareness through easy to understand diagrams based on accepted Lean standards
  • Facilitate communication and preserve historical knowledge with centralized knowledge management and control
  • Drive down the cost and duration of projects through efficiencies gained only by automation
  • Improve awareness of project details and benefits through dynamic links between Lean tools
  • Gain an accurate understanding of the impact of process changes prior to implementation with what-if analysis.
  • ZEUS also provides training for corporate as well as individual professionals across all sectors in Lean Six Sigma. Additionally Green belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt training and certification is provided by ZEUS through its Master Black Belt trainers.