Legal Services

ZEUS has developed proprietary processes and procedures, which address the common concerns of law firms and in-house counsels of companies, namely data management for document review, contract review and management, blue booking, proof reading of documents and paralegal support on time specific projects. ZEUS’s processes and procedures are unique in legal services industry and have ensured that we exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of quality of work as well as cost of these services.

ZEUS attorney’s are highly qualified and well trained with attorneys in the United States, England and India. They have the experience and expertise in usage of software tools including research tools like Lexis Nexis, Westlaw; document review tools, including Concordance, Attenex, Stratify, etc. Additionally, ZEUS has developed proprietary document review process using Microsoft Excel which assists clients in avoiding huge technology cost for data management and document review where the number of documents to be managed and reviewed is less.

ZEUS offers legal support services on a consulting business model and works with the clients to devise methods by which their concerns are best addressed. ZEUS consciously moves away from “one size fits all” method of providing solutions to client’s concerns. We engage in meaningful discussions with the clients to determine important aspects like, what should be the basis for coding in document review, what should be the time frame for the completion of the project, etc. ZEUS’s “insourcing business model” involves the client in every step of decision making, so that the client always retains the overall control of the project. Once the decisions are taken about the method for performing a task, ZEUS documents the processes and procedures using its proprietary methodologies and obtains the client’s approval of these processes and procedures. Thereafter, ZEUS commences the work on the project and ensures that the client is not required to commit more than a couple of hours of his time every week during the time (period) the project is (being) executed by ZEUS.

ZEUS processes and procedures ensure that the clients get what they want, in the manner in which they want; without having to spend much time supervising the work. These processes and procedures devised by ZEUS have ensured that the clients routinely experience increased efficiency in their legal operations and also reduction in their costs between 40% to 70%, when compared to their current costs.

Legal support services provided by ZEUS include:

Contract review and management

ZEUS team is experienced in drafting, reviewing and managing various types of contracts including business development, sales, compliance, procurement, employment etc. and provide contract review and management services encompassing

  • Agreement review & management including review and comment against form or standard positions, review and comment against client parameters, manage and administer entire contract review / revision process.
  • Manage all contract administration functions, including regular alerts to the client.
  • Customize client requirement for contracts and document drafting.
  • Large scale contract review; extracting specific data from contracts and creating and populating databases with this information.
Lease abstraction

ZEUS team provides its clients with accurate lease abstracts completed by specially trained professionals on a quicker and consistent basis. ZEUS provides custom tailored summary for every key financial, business and legal provision of a lease whether commercial or residential. The abstract / summary includes information about:

  • Parties & the premises
  • Important dates of the lease
  • Taxes & other expenses
  • Security deposits
  • Defaults & remedies
  • Rights of assignment
  • Termination & renewal of the lease
Legal Research & Writing

Legal Research & Writing is an important component of practicing law that gives an attorney the upper hand in negotiations or in court. ZEUS’s team of legal professionals conducts extensive research and drafts the necessary memoranda and briefs; this gives an advantage and more time to attorneys for client development, court hearings, negotiations and other important matters requiring the attorney’s personal time and attention. We research and analyze matters including, administrative law, intellectual property, bankruptcy, criminal law, employment law, taxation, real estate, business matters, civil matters, contracts, corporate governance and regulatory matters such as telecommunication and securities, antitrust, trademarks, patents, and copyrights. We also research and report on multi-jurisdictional surveys of law with respect to status, regulations, ordinances and case laws on a multi-state basis.

Patent Research & Drafting

ZEUS provides analytical and drafting services related to patents. We believe in open innovation model by partnering with our key customers in maximizing their value and creating commercial impact of intellectual property. We provide end to end patent solutions including patent mining, landscape analytics, infringement due diligence, competitive intelligence, patent preparation and prosecution. Our team of experienced patent professionals developed best in class process and practices by leveraging their hands on experience at fortune 500 companies. ZEUS attorneys and technology specialists provide the following services with respect to Patents:

  1. Patent Reviews (Offensive and Defensive)
  2. Offensive reviews
    • Patentability reviews: determine potential for patent protection (typically before filing of an application)
    • Enforcement reviews: determine whether another party potentially infringes clients’ patent claims
    Defensive reviews
    • Invalidity reviews: determine whether patent claims are invalid (should not have issued)
    • Freedom to practice reviews: Identify patent claims that could impact clients’ offerings and of which infringement can be avoided
      1. Patent Drafting
      2. End to end support including drafting, filing, and Office action responses
      3. Litigation Support
      4. Data mining and analysis for expert report
      5. Assessment of opposing expert report / deposition
      6. IP Transactions
      7. Extend support for negotiation with quantifiable metrics
      8. Address IP due diligence issues
      9. Identify alternative buyers / licensees
      10. Assess and evaluate deal parameters

  3. Patent Drafting
  4. Blue Booking / Proof Reading

    ZEUS has a trained team of legal professionals trained on Blue Booking principles, by the professionals who practiced these principles in their daily court affairs. ZEUS can use the time zone difference and blue book, spell check, and proof read the documents, electronically transmitted at end of the business day in the U.S., and have them ready for filing the next morning (US Time).

    Immigration Services

    ZEUS has a team of highly skilled lawyers providing immigrations services. The lawyers are trained by experienced Immigration counsel. ZEUS team of immigration attorneys / lawyers provides consultation and support for visa processing and has exposure to various Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visa form filling and document formalities, including assistance in preparation of supporting documents. ZEUS team has experience in using globally recognized immigration software tools.