E-Discovery and Data Management

ZEUS’s team of legal professionals, have been assisting companies and law firms that routinely face the challenge of organising and managing the data / documents and reviewing them within a fixed budget and timeframe. This non-core activity consumes most of the attorney’s valuable time and diverts the focus away from more important aspects of the legal process associated with litigation. ZEUS helps client to focus on core areas and aspects of law and litigation by assisting them in managing this non-core / routine / repetitive / monotonous and voluminous activity.

What ZEUS can offer

  • Document conversion and database creation: Creating a database by scanning the documents and converting them to searchable electronic formats.
  • Objective coding: Determining the parameters on which the data will be categorized depending on the nature of the document.
  • Subjective coding: Identifying the relevance / importance of a document and ascertaining whether privileged / non privileged and conducting redactions.
  • Value additions: Preparing reports / graphs to explain and illustrate the documents under different parameters / categories and also other client specified reports, which will enable the client to analyze the strength of a document in the case and thus plan further strategy on that basis.
  • Making available documents On Demand: Maintaining a database of the reviewed documents of the client and producing / making them available on client demand.

How ZEUS can offer these services

OPTION – I In-house processes

Where the number of documents to be managed / reviewed is not huge, in such cases ZEUS utilizes in-house developed proprietary processes using client specific software tools providing hyperlinks by which the scanned copy of document can be accessed for the review at the click of a button.

OPTION – II Client’s tools and processes

ZEUS would use the tool with which the client and their staff are familiar. Under this option, ZEUS’s professionals will access the database of the documents to be reviewed through the client’s server.

OPTION – III other popular tools

If the client has not decided the methodology to be adopted and the tools to be used ZEUS professionals can assist the client in making this decision. ZEUS professionals are well versed with the usage of the popular document review tools such as Concordance / Attenex / Zantaz / Stratify, etc.

Additionally, ZEUS can save cost to the client by providing access to its server and give the client’s staff license for the data management software used by ZEUS, thereby, eliminating the cost for the client in this respect.