Due diligence services

Due diligence services provided by ZEUS address the requirements of investors and Companies to evaluate a business proposition be it, commencement of new business vertical, takeover of an existing business, merger with or acquisition of an existing business, investments in a Company, financial or taxation impact of a business decision, etc. Due diligence by independent professionals in ZEUS enables business owners to get an objective, unpartisan and scientific information to enable them take decision, plan on business structuring and also enable them to negotiate business transactions.

ZEUS’s due diligence service teams have vast industrial experience across both manufacturing and service sector and also private as well as public sector. They possess domain expertise and cross functional knowledge including accounts, tax, legal, engineering, human resources, administration and marketing. ZEUS professionals generate valuable due diligence reports and business analysis that become an integral component of the client’s decision-making and negotiation processes. We offer a confidential, accurate, unbiased perspective to enable you take informed and scientific decisions relating to your business.

Our due diligence process can be your integrated, one-stop solution to help you examine the fine print and uncover all of the detailed answers to the complex questions you have about your business transaction.

You can count on comprehensive coverage on all the major issues affecting the deal with an approach tailored to your needs.

Our due diligence services include:
  • Finance
  • Accounts
  • Audit
  • Internal control systems and processes
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Direct and indirect taxation
  • Inventory accounting and management
  • Fixed Assets valuation
  • Information technology
  • SWOT analysis
  • Human resources and compensation
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Head office and branch coordination
  • Evaluation of employees on payroll and their cost in relation to benefit to the business
  • Transition and integration
  • Engineering / Manufacturing process evaluation
  • Follow up of lean six sigma compliances
  • Generation of transaction specific business intelligence reports