About Us

India is going through several significant structural changes induced by continuous economic reforms resulting in GDP growth rate in excess of 8% for the past several years. This has increased the investment and business opportunities mani fold.

As the business opportunities have increased, so are the surrounding complexities. The businesses are riddled with the fast changing global economy, intense competition, increasing business failures, maze of rules and regulations etc.

ZEUS is a professional services company which provides Financial, Legal, E Discovery, Data Management & Document Review, Consulting Services using the insourcing business model and complying to Six Sigma Methodologies. We pride ourselves on the quality of outcomes and strive to achieve service excellence at all times.

 The insourcing business model devised by ZEUS enables our clients to combine the seamless advantages of an in-house process expertise with our consultants’ ability to enhance your operational efficiency and designed to reduce your cost of operations. The processes and procedures for each business activity are custom tailored to suit the specific requirements of the each unique business activity. Clients retain the control and decision making with regards to their in-house business activity, which is managed by our consultants using either the client’s electronic infrastructure or consultants’ own infrastructure, depending on the custom needs of each project.

We hold a unique position in this globalised business environment where only fittest survives. We provide end-to-end solution for corporates in their corporate finance, taxation and legal strategies and implementation.Our services are exceptional, offer genuine value and simplify the client’s processes and operations, thereby enabling the clients to concentrate on their core business, rather than get embroiled in transactional issues. ZEUS recognizes that understanding clients’ needs is a critical part of the solution providing process. We provide customized solutions to satisfy the requirements which are specific to each client. We continuously strive to bring about innovations in our processes with an objective to optimize client resources

ZEUS has world class infrastructure and complies with stringent data security norms and best practices as regards processes and operating procedures. We service both small as well as large clients. We understand and respect the fact that our clients businesses are influenced by general economic conditions, cash flows, level of automation adopted by the clients, fluctuations in their sales, government policies, business specific requirements, manpower and other practical challenges which are specific to their business. These aspects lead to variations in the volume and size of transactions. ZEUS efficiently manages the variations in volume of transactions of our clients by adopting lean six sigma methodologies and proprietary processes which ensure that the clients consistently get high quality, cost effective service at all times whether their business are faced with challenges or where they experience economic prosperity. As a policy we work with our clients as partners in their growth and also provide all possible support during challenging times.

We have multi-disciplinary professionals with combined industry experience spanning over 100 years in various disciplines. With this multi skill sets, we assist corporates to set up businesses, facilitate in securing necessary funding, manage their non-core support functions and provide timely & valuable finance, tax and legal advisory…. all under one umbrella!


ZEUS has been in business since 2007 and has assisted global companies and entrepreneurs in their businesses with experience and expertise in the fields of Accounts, Audit, Tax, Law, and Consulting. The founders and key management personnel of ZEUS have formerly worked at world’s leading accounting firms, law firms, consulting firms and large companies in different parts of the world and possess the knowledge and expertise across different domains.

Our Mission

Our mission is “To provide personalized professional service to businesses and help create value.”

Our Core Values

We firmly believe that our core values have helped us achieve our mission to bring measurable benefits to our customers. Following are our core values:

Zealousness – Exhibiting the burning energies, devotion and passion towards the services offered to our customers.

Excellence – Striving for excellence in everything that we do, looking for alternative ways for creating better results that gets translated, to perceivable results for our clients.

Understanding - Understanding our colleagues, business associates and more importantly our clients and their business is the key to the success of the organization.

Service – Excellent client’s services is our ability to constantly and consistently exceed the client’s expectations.

Business Associates

BSM Kumar & Co. is a Chartered Accountant Firm based out of Bangalore. The Firm is engaged in providing valuation, attestation and management assurance services.

For more information on ZEUS’s services, proprietary procedures and systems, quality, data security and professional team please refer the relevant pages. Additionally, we suggest that the clients identify a pilot project and let us complete that project “free of cost” and thereby enable you to better understand how the process works and take an informed decision regarding which business activities you think can be handed over to ZEUS to manage so as to enhance your operational efficiency and reduce your cost of operations and corresponding overheads.